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A Stocktake of Information, Resources & Tools  

NODN is currently undertaking a stocktake of information, resources and tools to be made available to our members, partners and individuals regionally and from elsewhere outside the region, involved in economic development in Northwestern Ontario. 

The creation of the EcDev Net is a knowledge management initiative. Knowledge is an essential  resource for  economic development. It empowers us in more ways than one - to discover, to learn, to think, to analyze, to evaluate, to create, to innovate, to communicate, to connect and to act. Without having knowledge hinders and limits the desirable progress sought in economic development. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us as a network to carry out this work for our region.  

The aim of this work is as follows:

provide a hub of knowledge from a horizon of work done in economic  development here in the region of Northwestern Ontario and from elsewhere;

raise awareness about the scale and diversity of work completed and underway in the region to our members, partners, and indivdiuals involved in economic development; 

identify knowledge gaps and opportunities to ensure individuals, communities and the region have in place the information they need for economic development;

encourage sharing of information amongst those involved in economic development within Northwestern Ontario and from elsewhere;

support our members, communities, partners and other involved individuals by connecting them to information, tools and resources to enhance the enabling of economic development in the region.

NODN is looking forward to carrying out this work. Please do be patient as the EcDev Net will be constantly updated over the next few months ahead with a high population of entries as more information, resources and tools are sought and become available.

Using the EcDev Net 

The categories to the right-side of this page that provide specific entry types of information, resources and tools. (Not active at the moment; populating with entries is currently underway)

Let us know, Contribute & Share

Please do take the time to make a contribution to the EcDev Net. This exercise is an effort — together — to increase the knowledge in economic development for our members, partners and individuals elsewhere;  ensuring we have information, resources and tools at our finger-tips for us to use, support and reference to in what we do best.

If you have a submission, further questions, suggestions or comments, please feel free to send them through to Brent Kelso, Development Officer by email at nodn%23com|brent.   

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