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NODN Member and Partner Engagement Report

NODN Member and Partner Engagement Report

Please find the final and draft NODN Member and Partner Engagement Reports, the NODN Board is currently reviewing, resulting from the interviews conducted by Tannis Drysdale several weeks ago.  Also, the Board is currently drafting proposals to support implementation of regional project(s) that fit into criteria of available funding programs and are in line with the messaging received through the engagement report. We will be meeting face to face the last week of August to finalize a presentation to be provided to our members  for NODN’s Strategic Direction/AGM session during the joint NOMA, NOACC, NODN Regional Conference, September 25-27.  Our session is scheduled for Thursday, September 26 from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Below is a list of our Board Members; feel free to contact any of us to discuss your suggestions/comments after you have had the opportunity to review the document. It is our job to represent your interests so it is important to keep communication open.


Download Full Report: NODN Member and Partner Engagement Final Report

Download Full Report: NODN Member and Partner Engagement Draft Report

Thank you,
Colleen Martin, Vice-President

Other Board members:

Paula Sanders, Secretary, Atikokan Economic Development Corporation

Judy Sander, Treasurer, Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre

Ryan Reynard, Past-President, LOWBIC

Geoff Gillon, Rainy River CFDC

Jeff Port, Sioux Narrows/Nestor Falls

Cathy Quesnel, Chukuni CFDC

Piero Pucci, CEDC, City of Thunder Bay

Anne-Marie Bourgeault, Superior North CFDC

Garry McKinnon, Ex-Officio, OACFDC Representative, Atikokan Economic Development Corporation

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