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  • City of Kenora and Lake of the Woods Economic Development Plan

    • Date: 2012
    • Author: Lake of the Woods Development Commission
    • Organization: Lake of the Woods Development Commission
    • Location: Kenora, Ontario
    • Entry: Plan

    The Plan outlines a bold new vision for the City of Kenora and the Lake of the Woods area to build on the natural resources of the area, but take the City in a new direction. The Plan needed to build on the traditional strengths of the area such as forestry and tourism, while charting a course more in keeping with emerging demographic trends and the global economy. In more practical terms, the Plan communicated the future direction of the City in terms of its economic health and well being.

  • A Municipal Cultural Plan for Kenora

    • Date: May 31, 2011
    • Author: Novita Interpares Limited
    • Organization: Lake of the Woods Development Commission
    • Location: Kenora, Ontario
    • Entry: Plan

    The City of Kenora embarked on a cultural planning process in order to understand its cultural assets, to create a vision and goals for their development, and to provide an action plan to achieve the goals. This document addresses three key questions which set the context for cultural development in Kenora: What has contributed to making Kenora a special place? What is the City of Kenora (and its partners) currently doing to plan its future? What are the present cultural assets in the community?

  • Kenora Community Strategy

    • Date: April, 2009
    • Author: Dovetail Resources
    • Organization: City of Kenora
    • Location: Kenora, Ontario
    • Entry: Strategy

    The City of Kenora undertook to design and launch a facilitated, community-based process capable of producing a Community Strategic Plan. This process would attempt to identify and document the collective, consensual direction of the people who call Kenora home. In launching this initiative, the civic leaders and senior City management gave an undertaking to use the resulting Community Strategic Plan as an important guide for the purposes of the City‘s planning, budgeting and monitoring processes.

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