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Our History

In the late 1980s and early 1990s a small group of Economic Development Officers from across Northwestern Ontario who saw the need to meet began meeting several times a year to talk about economic development, explore the development profession and learn about each other’s initiative activities in the region—considering the establishment of a network. In the Spring of 1988 the network was formed as an informal group of individuals networking and meeting.  April 25, 1991 was the founding and incorporation of Northwestern Ontario Development Network (NODN). The first president of the network was Ed Hoshizaki, Economic Development Officer of Sioux Lookout. The network’s declared purpose: “to enhance the socio-economic conditions of persons residing in the Northwestern Ontario region.”



Seated (l to r) Harry Kelly, Bob Michels, Mike Walton, Bruce Strapp
Standing (l to r) Jim Dayman, Harold B. Wilson, Jeff McLean, Dan Wright, Ted Couch, Dick Charbonneau,
Harold S. N. Wilson, David Treusch, Wayne McLellan, David Sword 

Today NODN is recognized as Northwestern Ontario’s economic development network. As a unique membership, non-profit organization, we are dedicated to offer valuable support to our members, partners, communities and other individuals who have an interest in enabling economic development in the region. We coordinate, undertake and participate in a variety of activities, projects and events. After 20 years of focused work and effort of developing the region’s economy through the need of networking, we look forward to the journey ahead, serving the people of Northwestern Ontario proudly as envisioned back in 1991.


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