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About Northwestern Ontario Development Network

About Us

Since its founding in 1991, Northwestern Ontario Development Network (NODN) is a catalyst, as a regional economic development organization, to advance the economic development effort for a dynamic, sustainable and prosperous future for persons residing in Northwestern Ontario. Through initiatives and projects, events, training and technical assistance, professional development, knowledge and networking, NODN supports and champions economic development, evolving in response to local needs, global challenges and regional resources.

Northwestern Ontario is an exceptional place to live. A vast and magnificent land where rock, forest and water cradle unique places to work and play. Our natural resources, forestry and mining have supported us for decades along with strong business and service sectors too, continuing to this day. For centuries, from time immemorial of our First Nations and Métis, from the time of our first settlers, today we continue to blaze trails to support, grow, emerge, create, lead and innovate a region we call home. There have been challenges and successes; people, communities and businesses have had their share of gains and losses. However, there is a great love for Northwestern Ontario. We love what we do here in the region and shall never loose sight of sustaining our region's economy. We understand in order for us to reach our full potential, we need to all work together meeting our needs, tackling the challenges ahead, and leveraging our resources for the better — that is what we do here in an exceptional place — Northwestern Ontario.

Recognized as Northwestern Ontario’s economic development network, a unique membership, non-profit organization, NODN brings together our members, communities and partners around a common commitment to sustainable economic development in Northwestern Ontario. Together — members, communities, partners and individuals enabling economic development in the region — we are sustaining the momentum of economic development for Northwestern Ontario's future.   







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